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This is me

I was created out of love. Everything here was conceived and designed for your wellbeing. The perfect balance between inside and out, a care for details, the colors, the objects, the spaces, the scents, the sounds: everything is exactly as it should be for you to feel at home.

All around me, the charm of the Monti Sabini

Come, let the magic begin!

When you arrive, you will know you are in the right place at the right time. You won’t feel like a passing guest, and I won’t ask you why you’re here: I was born to give, not to ask. Some come here to create, others to connect to their souls, others to enjoy time with family and friends, and some simply to be mesmerized by nature and its scenes that bring serenity, peace, and clarity. Here you will feel a kind of solitude where you won’t ever feel lonely. Many gifts are awaiting.
This is the promise I always keep.

A Taste of Haven
Come Get Your Fill of Beauty

The Spaces

Come in, Brindavan is here for you with its large kitchen, bright and welcoming hall, the comfortable rooms, panoramic terrace and every detail designed to make you feel good.
You are most welcome, please feel at home.


What would you like to do at Brindavan? Are you thinking about a romantic trip, or would you like to practice yoga and meditation? Do you want to go rafting or experience the pleasure of tending a vegetable garden? In any case, Brindavan will welcome you to let you experience days that will stay in your heart forever.


On Brindavan, shines one of the most beautiful starry skies that can be admired.
Just look up to see it: protected by a ring of mountains that keep light pollution away, there is a firmament that has few equals. Brindavan Country House has in fact received the certification “The most beautiful skies in Italy” at the Gold level, the highest expected. Awarded by the experts of Astronomitaly, this recognition means that in Brindavan, you will find yourself in the presence of all the magnificence of the universe.

While You’re Here

Exploring the land on foot, by bike or on horseback: nature and culture at its best.
Contact us for more information.

The Voyager’s Boutique

“La Bottega del Viandante” is the place where the passion for agriculture and love for the territory meet. This is a small log cabin adjacent to the cottage, which is opened upon request for guests of Brindavan Country House. You will find a selection of products from our farm “l’orto lieto” or ‘the cheerful garden’: seasonal fruits and vegetables, jams and preserves, eggs from our hens, cow and goat cheeses, but above all our pure lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol (lavender flower water), as well as local artisan products.
“La Bottega del Viandante” will allow you to take home a fragrance our world, in addition to the beautiful memories that Brindavan will have given you.